Victorious Women Charity Foundation


Victorious Women Charity Foundation

Nikki Ngozi Modie-Nwaefulu

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Self motivated CEO and Phd student with interests in Women Empowerment, Education, Gender Based Violence, Women and the Girl Child.

Legal Consultant , Law Lecturer / Teacher LLB ( Hons ) MSc MBA PGCE

Kenneth Nwaefulu

BCS Business Analyst (ISEB foundation certificate), BA Business studies.

Oge Funlola Modie

SME Finance & Development: Fund Director (WA) for a gender specific SME fund. Investment is supported by technical assistance to aid business growth and development.

Entrepreneur: Founded and operated an SME advisory company; Advisory partner to international organizations on achieving MDGs in emerging economies. Specialist in capacity building, strategy planning & execution and financial advisory.

Corporate Finance: M & A specialist in the West African Region. Usually a buy side negotiator and involved in post acquisition integration activities/restructuring.

Specialties:Business set up & development, Client relationship building & managing, Corporate finance(M&As), SME finance & development, Strategy consulting

Our Policies and procedure

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Our Core values


Fundraising and Financial Strategy